Home Treatment for Low Blood Sugar You Need To Know

Hi, friend, how are you? Well, in this special occasion, we will talk about the obat herbal diabetes. Yes, the low level of the blood sugar sometimes may cause the problem in our body such as headache, pain, tremor and other. By knowing some kinds of the home treatment for low blood sugar, I think you can prevent your body from the worse situation. What are the kinds of the treatment to do in this situation? You can see it below.

Getting more carb for body

Getting more carb for body

The first kind of the treatment for low blood sugar, which you can do with the delicious way, is getting more carb for your body. Well, it true because the kinds of the carb will be useful to higher the level of the blood sugar. As we know, carb also consist of the natural and healthy sugar for body. In this case, you can choose the kinds of the food with the good carb, such as the potatoes, red rice and others. However, you need to keep the portion in consumption.

Doing the regular exercise

The next kind of the treatment way of the low blood sugar level is doing the regular exercise. Well, the regular exercise can be the next treatment for low blood sugar, which you can do it in pleasant. I think it also can be the prevention way here. Why is the exercise good for this? Well, the exercise will help the body to have the good metabolism. The good metabolism will be useful to stable the level of the blood sugar. Please apply some kinds of the easy exercise and do it in regular.

Based on the explanation above, there are several kinds of the treatment for low blood sugar, which you can do in the easy ways. However, for the further treatment, it will be nice when you lay it in the hand of the doctor.

treatment for low blood sugar can be done with several easy ways. However, when your problem is getting serious, please call the doctor soon.

Lack of exercise at 40 “reduces the size of the brain”

At the age of 40 years, the lack of exerted not only the body ages, it could also make twenty years later brain smaller.

la falfa

The warning, stated in a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, adds to the ever-increasing evidence of the importance of maintaining a healthy heart through physical activity.

The study involved 1,583 people with an average age 40 years, who were free of dementia and even heart disease.

All patients underwent a treadmill test, which was repeated two decades later, and together they did brain scans.
“We found a direct correlation in our study between being in bad shape and volume of the brain decades later, indicating an accelerated aging brain,” said Nicole Spartano, Faculty of Medicine, University of Boston.

And the study also showed that people with exercise experienced increases in blood pressure and heart rate with a higher probability of having smaller brains decades later.

Although we need corrobar the result on a larger scale, he said Spartano fitness in middle age “may be especially important for millions of people around the world who already show evidence of heart disease.”

Meanwhile Laura Phipps, of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Foundation, said that while “it is difficult to conclude such studies that a factor is definitely causes the other, but the results add to the evidence that a poor cardiovascular health throughout life could have a negative effect on the brain. ”
It’s never too late

And it is something that the BBC said Dr. Cesar Kalazich, a specialist in sports medicine clinic MEDS in Chile.

“It has been seen that elderly patients improved parameters such as memory, resilience and cognitive ability within a few months (3-6) after a workout regimen guided”.

Physical exercises to keep your brain in shape …

A previous study of the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois in the United States found that people physically fit tend to have larger brain volume and white matter intact as those who do not exercise.

And 15 years ago, another study on mice showed that exercise makes hippocampal neurons secrete a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor that promotes the growth of neurons.

Rheumatology Problems That Usually Happen To Many People


rheumatology problems

There are many problems that may happen to the old people. The old people of adult are the phase of many kind of the health problem. The body will not as strong as the young and for the old or adult, they need to keep their health goodly with the healthy life style. One of many bad problems is the rheumatology problems. There are many points of the body that may feel the pain. There is no specific cause of the pain but the pain will make them feel discomfort and cannot enjoy their life as like when they are still young.

The common disease of the rheumatology problems

Rheumatology problems that are usually become the common disease for the old people. There is the term of osteoarthritis that can be the kind of rheumatic. It will make people with this disease feel the pain. There is the rheumatology disease on the joints and it will make the old people feel the pain on the joints. It can be very painful when people want to get any movement. This pain is easy to be diagnosed. When there is the pain, you should find the best treatment to cure the pain.

The other kind of the rheumatology problems is rheumatoid Arthritis. It can be the problem on the joints also but there are the differences with the osteoarthritis. The pain is caused by the immune of the person that attacks the joints of the body. The pain in the joints, the fatigue and also fever can be the common symptoms of this disease. It is important for you to visit your doctor if there is the symptom that happens to your body. There must be the quick treatment for your body.

There is the other kind of the rheumatology problems called by lupus. This kind of the rheumatology problem attacks the joints also. People with this disease should not get the sun. Believe me , if you consume www.ahliasamurat.com , you will health.It makes people with this disease feel so suffering. There are many symptoms such as hair loss, the problem on kidney, pain, and the others. This disease is difficult to be cured. People should avoided from the sun to make the disease do not be worse. There are still many other kinds of the rheumatic disease. You should consider about your health, and make the good habit to keep your health.


rheumatology problems have many kinds. There are many types of this disease that you should know and you need to find the best treatment for this disease.

Three Kinds of Diets That Work Fast

Today there are many diet programs provided by many people over the internet. Therefore, it would not too hard to choose which best suited diet to your conditions because there are various options that can be selected. Of the many types of diets, there are several types of diets according to experts and netizen proven as diets that lose weight fast. The information summarized in three types of diets that work fast.

Biggest loser diet

Biggest loser diet

The first ranked diets that work fast is biggest loser diets. Biggest loser diet got short term weight loss score of 4.1/5 as the most chosen diets to lose weight fast. This diet is a type of diet that is focused on the selection of diet foods and exercise as key to the success of the diet. The diets recommend people who dieting by restricting caloric intake. An American study proves that this diet can lose a person weight 39 percent of his initial weight in 8 months.

HMR Program

HMR program is getting overall score of 3.2 / 5, and scores 4.1 / 5 as one of quickly work diet. Dietitian recommends HMR program as the best alternative of biggest loser diet for those who want to choose the best diets that work fast. There are two phases to be followed when following the HMR Program. The first is the Quick Start phase. This phase recommends special recipes to lose weight for 3 weeks. Then, phase two is a transitional phase that lasts from 4-8 months. This phase highlights the changes in habits and lifestyle and starting to include exercise.

Atkins diet

Experts scored Atkins diets 4.0/5 that instantly placed this diets ranked as number 3 among many kinds of diets that work fast. This diet focuses on limiting the consumption of carbohydrates and increases the consumption of good fats from foods such as chicken, eggs, and meat. Meanwhile, the food provider of carbohydrates is taken from potatoes, wheat, white bread, etc. The advantages of this diet, a person are able to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. The con is if you are candy lovers, you are also not allowed to eat sweets and bread. You can also difficult to limit the number of calories that is suitable with your body.Everything can be done if you visit www.bshindonesia.com.

The three kinds of diets above are best diet recommended by experts as diets that can lose weight quickly. Each program has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, select best appropriate diet wisely and considering your condition too like financial. This is because somehow, some diets require expensive cost of eating so that the cost must also be considered. Anyhow, doing a diet earnestly is an important factor of diets that work fast as well.

diets that work fast according to experts can be done by following three kinds diets plan, they are biggest loser diets, HMR Programs, and Atkins diets.

Subcomandante Marcos is no longer a fugitive from justice in Mexico

For decades he hid in what he called “the mountains of the Mexican southeast.” But now, it is no longer necessary.


The Federal Judiciary Council (the body that regulates Mexican judges) reported Tuesday that Subcomandante Marcos is no longer a fugitive.

The reason is that as prescribed offenses for which he was indicted in 1995: sedition, mutiny, terrorism, conspiracy, weapons exclusive use of the armed forces and an illegal provocation.

That is, the time spent legally might be imputed on these charges.

This also means that from now on no authority has orders to apprehend Marcos, spokesman for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN).

However, the decision of CJF does not change the current scenario of the armed group.

Marcos, for example, no longer exists. The May 26, 2014, the character announced the disappearance of her figure became Subcomandante Galeano.

In this case the person representing the same. Officially his name is not known although the Mexican government identified as Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente.
San Andres Accords

The charges against Marcos and 12 others were submitted on February 9, 1995.

That day, the Attorney (Prosecutor) General’s Office (PGR) held a press conference to announce that he had identified the EZLN spokesman.

Officials said it was a master design of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, in northeastern Mexico.

While identifying the Zapatista spokesman announced in Chiapas began an extensive military operation to capture him.

Marcos told in letters barely escaped. But from that moment a military siege was established in the area that controlled the EZLN.

The persecution was suspended in March this year, when President Ernesto Zedillo signed the Law for Dialogue, Conciliation and Dignified Peace in Chiapas.

The legislation allowed the EZLN and the federal government establish a dialogue in the village of San Andres Larrainzar, which came a year after some agreements.

But the Zapatista army said were not met.

According to the law while talks remained an amnesty was applied to the leaders of the EZLN.

But when the talks were suspended it was legally resumed the persecution against Marcos.
The caravan 2001

In real terms, the arrest warrant against the deputy was never applied, even when in 2001 Marcos toured half the country in a caravan.
This time EZLN commanders spoke even in the tribune of the Chamber of Deputies.

The movement claimed that the agreements of San Andres Larrainzar be included in the constitutional reform on the rights of indigenous peoples, who by then was being discussed in Congress.

In the end, however, the legislators did not take into account most of the proposals of the EZLN.

The Zapatistas retreated to their communities. Since then, Mark limited his public appearances until 2014 that solved the disappearance of the character.

During that time no operations met to fulfill the arrest warrant against the deputy.

The unknowns leaving the removal of Subcomandante Marcos

However, the EZLN and civil organizations such as the Human Rights Center Fray Bartolome de las Casas denounced attacks on communities near the Zapatistas.

The announcement only covers CJF Mark and 12 others accused of the same crimes.

It is not clear if that was also extinguished other judicial proceedings initiated against the EZLN in Chiapas.